Kepler Space Inc.

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Kepler positions itself between the Synthetic Aperture Radar technology developers and the geotechnical community that needs radar applications to measure large scale topographic features and ground deformation with extreme accuracy.


Seismology: calculation of co-seismic interferograms. Detection of fault lines and surface deformation measurements. Working with the client to refine seismic models based on surface measurements.

Landslides: coherence analysis to estimate the elasto-plastic properties of the area. Motion measurement in the elastic stage (pre-flow).

Hydrogeology: ground subsidence/uplift measurement and correlation with aquifers migration and underground water pressure variation.

Oil/mining industry: ground subsidence measurements related to oil/ore extraction activity.

CCS: geological carbon storage monitoring; identification of uplift areas related to carbon dioxide leakage where seismic tomography should be employed.

Critical infrastructure monitoring: stability measurements of tunnels, waterdams, ecologically reconstructed mining areas and other targets, together with the surrounding environment.

Geological characterization: mapping the geological structure at surface using the penetration capabilities of radar microwaves through vegetation layers.

Change detection: identification of flooding, oil spills, used off-roads and other areas where the ground suffers subtle to severe changes between consecutive radar data acquisition.