Kepler Space Inc.

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Kepler positions itself between the Synthetic Aperture Radar technology developers and the geotechnical community that needs radar applications to measure large scale topographic features and ground deformation with extreme accuracy.

About us

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Valentin Poncos is a geophysicist and a signal processing engineer. He was formerly involved in magneto-teluric signal processing, GPS receivers design, seismic signal processing and infrared detection and tracking systems design. Presently he develops Earth Observation technology and applications and provides services related to the structure and the dynamics of the surface and underground using Synthetic Aperture Radar.

Previously employed by Atlantis Scientific (currently MacDonald-Dettwiler) and CCRS (Canada Centre for Remote Sensing), Valentin was involved in dozens of InSAR and Persistent Scatterers Interferometry monitoring projects for sites in North America and Europe.


Cristian Trofinenco is an electrical engineer involved in all aspects of telecommunication, from analogic and digital hardware design to embedded software and device drivers development. He helped developing K-SAR, the first commercial ground-based interferometric SAR system in North America


Kepler is located in Kanata, the Silicon Valley of the North.

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72 Walden dr, Ottawa, ON, K2K3L5, Canada

Telephone: (613) 883-8184

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